it’s bad news

So, I get Roxy in this morning right away. My SA drives around the block, can barely hear the noise. The one of the MINI techs at Crevier, Shane, gets in and drives it all over the place, with a sad look on his face. Ugh, not good.

“Gotta get it up on the lift” he says

“Ok” I say.

“I’ll let Dan know what I find” he says.

“Ok” I say.

So I go and drool over the new 5 series, bug the guys over at MINI a bit (did I mention they have a real nice PW JCW on the lot right now?) and head back to talk to Dan.

“Have a seat” he says. Uh oh I’m thinking

“Shane says the transmission has to be replaced”. Wha wha wha?

Yep, don’t know what is wrong exactly, nor do I know what was done to actually determine this, but if they say new transmission, I’m going to take their word for it. My guess is that they did the screwdriver stethascope test on it in gear on the rack and head some pretty nasty stuff. I know I’m hearing when I drive.

They say 3 days to get the job done. 2 days to get the transmission, 1 to install and test. Will be going in next week, if not sooner, to get this done.

Better now with 7K miles on warranty, then later, with +7K miles against warranty.

Track time? Who, me? Track time ;)