LA Auto Show

Loaded up Josh and the lad this morning for a trip to the Auto Show.

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Not the greatest day to go, but it was still a bunch of fun. Myself and all of my 300,000 friends really had a great time.

MINI was super crowded, as to be expected. All the other makers had some awesome vehicles out as well.
~BMW had the new 6 series available. They were great!
~Ford had the ’05 Mustang and new GT on display.
~Chevrolet had the SSR &amp new SS, both were droolarific!
~VW had the new Phaeton. It was big and very very cool
~Checked out the entire Toyota Scion line. Impressive and inexpensive. Deserves a closer look

I did manage a few pictures which you can check out in the new gallery. If you can make it tomorrow (the last day), I would highly recommend it. Otherwise you are going to have to wait until next year!

Josh is here for a bit, not wanting to endure another bitterly cold Nebraskan winter. Today in LA was 85 degrees, 23 at home. I think he made a great call.