Langka update

This stuff actually works! I did about 10 different spots on Roxy’s bonnet. And you can’t even tell!

More information on ordering can be found here

a quick run down

  • Cleaned the paint with Langka Paint Cleaner
  • Washed bonnet with soapy water
  • Applied touch up paint. Waited 1.5 hours
  • Applied clear coat. Waited 1 hour
  • Applied Langka. Each spot took approx.. 2 minute to *erase*

    From what I can tell, using this is kinda like a chemical based wet-sanding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the blog-remover also removed water spots and maybe some light industrial fallout (aka::: rust). I did try using it on some of the spot where the chips weren’t real bad, and it didn’t really do too much, but some of the chips did disappear.

    I would have to give a big thumbs up for this. If you have some nasty paint chips in your paint and want to save a trip to the body shop, this stuff will fix you up.

    Now, if you can only find the correct color touch-up paint.

    I know that Moss have a few bottles of a couple of colors (VR included). Last I checked the MINI dealer didn’t have any in stock. I’ll have to check with the parts counter.

    Do you have a good source for MINI touch up paint? let me know and I’ll be sure to pass it along to the others.