8 replies on “Man, how did that happen?”

  1. wow. Did I read somewhere that the supercharger is only good for 120K, about which time it is guaranteed to fail? In which case I’m unlikely to ever take such a picture in my ride.

  2. Actually, way back on Woofcast #9 Randy Webb said something like the oil in the supercharger is only good to about 150K miles. And, since the unit is sealed, it is possible a replacement would have to happen.

  3. Trust me fellas…that mileage is from Roxy, my ’03 MC.

    Are you thinkin’ that I’ve gone off and ordered an MCS without saying anything? hmmmmm

  4. hmm.. thought it was pretty obvious I was talking about my MCS but I agree that it still sounds fishy to me. Sounds like DB is holding something back :)

  5. runs as good today as she did when I took her off the lot. Still getting killer MPG too!

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