MINI United

Gabe has already reported on this, but one line here has me wondering…

No doubt it will be a spectacular event, but it’s also just one part of a still greater extravaganza called MINI United. As well as watching the racing, MINI owners will be able to drive on the Misano track, be taken round by professionals, visit a market full of MINI accessories, listen to live music, go to the cinema, enjoy the dance tent, go for helicopter rides and experience other japes and wheezes – or, if it all gets too much, wander down to the beach which is a 15-minute stroll from the circuit.


I have to ask; What are japes and wheezes? To me it doesn’t sound very pleasant and I would probably avoid either of those at all costs. Of course I know I’m wrong, which is why I am asking those of you more familiar with the British dialect to step in and help out.

5 replies on “MINI United”

  1. Usually a jape is jolly and a wheeze is merry so these are good times, don’t be scared of them. I think of a jape as typically involving some mischief, taking the hubcaps of the cars in a street and putting them in a big pile is quite the jolly jape! Or wheeze.

    Anyway, er, good times, basically.

  2. must be that southern thing then eh? You know, being from Kentucky and all…

    (and, no, I don’t think I’ll let this one go for a while…;) )

  3. Don’t start makin’ fun of the us hicks… I might have to come out with some o’ my fellow ‘Braskans and show you fancy lad California sissy boys a good ole fashion Cornhusker ass-whuppin’. :P

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