MINIs on the Dragon: I’m not going


Your pal Don ‘db’ Burnside here. You might know me as the host of The World Famous White Roof Radio, one of the most popular automotive podcasts on the planet, or as one of the founders of SoCal MINI Maniacs, one of the largest MINI Clubs in the United States. I’m also the guy in charge of this little blog you are reading now, and I help keep MotoringFile and Bimmerfile running.

Oh yea. I also drive a MINI. A MINI that has more miles than yours I would bet.

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So, you could say I’m a busy guy. Eventhough I am busy, I do try to make as many of the larger MINI Cooper related events that I can. These include A MINI Vacation in Vegas, MINI Takes the States, MINI United and the SCMM Anniversary party (that I have missed the last few years of, sadly). You will notice that there is at least one event missing from this list*, and that is MINIs on the Dragon.

There are many reasons why I’ve not yet been to MINIs on the Dragon, with everyone of those reasons being applicable for this year. The big ones are time and distance. The dragon is almost 4k miles from where I live (round trip). For me to drive I would lose almost 2 weeks of work. For me to fly, I would lose less time but have the added expense of airfare, which at today’s fuel prices wouldn’t be that much more. So, figure in those expenses and the lack of income for the time missed from work, and it’s expensive. Not to mention if I flew, I wouldn’t have my MINI on the dragon. Sure I could borrow a MINI to drive, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Then I’ve heard that this year is already breaking registration records. And there are a limited number of places to stay at the event site. Again, I could borrow a sofa or piece of floor someplace, but with how much it would cost, that seems like a crappy way to spend a few days.

Finally, for this year, there is MINI United. And it’s happening the weekend after the Dragon. And it’s an event that I would like to go to. And event that I could not attend if I attended MINIs on the Dragon.

But Todd and Chad go, right? Right. Both of which are going because, while they are there, they are able to sell products and services to help them with their costs, and in some cases, realize a bit of profit. If going to the Dragon for me was a profit making venture, then I would be all over it like a bum on a ham sandwich.

So, to make a long story a little bit longer, I won’t be at this year’s MINIs on the Dragon. Please except my apologies in advance for letting you down yet again.


Don ‘db’ Burnside

*Sure there were more, but I didn’t want to go through and list every MINI event that has at least 40 cars show up. So no need to beat me up about excluding [your event name here] in the comments, ok?

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    1. And I can give blood for has an food money on the way and hope I have a job when I get back.

      That works ;)

  1. Don… don’t let the accommodation or high registration issue deter you. There’s plenty of room for everybody there – the more the merrier! And accommodations always find a way of opening up in the weeks prior to the event when some people drop out. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open. You’d also be surprised how many people end up with an extra bed close to the event!

    1. It’s mostly a cost thing. I don’t have the money to spend and can’t afford to take the time off work.

      1. Surely it would be cheaper than what you spend on going to MINI United? (unless you’re sponsore for that?)

        1. Oddly enough, not too much cheaper for me to go to the Dragon. And, yes, if I go to MINI United it will be a sponsored trip, which makes it much easier to go.

  2. I forgot to add… the conflict with MINI United (and also MTTS taking place this year) is an understandable concern though, in addition to the cost & distance issues (which won’t change). Shoot for next year then – 2013 MOTD or bust!

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