MINI’s on the track in SoCal

C’mon gang, time to come out and cheer on Team Nuzzo at Fontana Speedway!

From this thread at NAM:

The reports of our death have been premature and greatly exaggerated. Nuzzo Motorsports has been called a Pioneer for furthering the MINI’s racing heritage by being the first to professionally race the new Cooper. We will continue to race in 2005 starting with the California 200 at California Speedway Fontana Ca, April 1-2. Then Laguna Seca in Monterrey Ca, April 29-30. After that, we plan to race the remaining 2005 Grand Am Cup schedule.

But in order to keep the momentum going we need your help. We will be looking for volunteers at each event to help. More importantly, we are looking to have large fan turnouts at each race. We will need people in all locations to coordinate the MINI Owners Parking Corals and to help drum up enthusiasm and turnout to these events.

Also, if you might be willing to volunteer..

I could use some volunteer help for Fontana. I need a couple of reliable, hard working folks that know their way around a wrench and a racetrack. The days are long, the work is hard and non-stop, the food is lousy, and the pay stinks. If you’re available and interested in helping please let me know asap, you can reach me on my cell. I’ll need help Thursday 3/31, Friday 4/1 practice, Sat 4/2 race day.

This is only 2 weeks away, but get it on your schedules now! If you are interested in helping Tony out, check out this thread at NAM.

I know I’m going to try to be there!

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