Missing a piece

Yea, hitting 156K miles isn’t all wine and roses. Little things happen.

For example:

Lost the front piece during AMVIV. I remember it like it was yesterday [cue dream sequence music]

>Had to make a run for water, lunch and a quick meet up with my Mom up in Henderson, which was about 20 miles or so from the Palace Station casino. Also, Roxy was pretty dirty and I knew there was a pretty ok car wash near where I was going.

>Got to the car wash, which was extremely busy since it was a Saturday and waited in line like everyone else. Yes, I know, gasp and shock, db washes his car at a car wash! Don’t worry, for I, and Roxy, are very well trained in the art of the car wash tunnel. Why do you think she looks so good all the time. I work for a car wash company, remember?

>Roxy goes in and comes out. Mom comes by and we chat for a bit. Roxy is done, Mom leaves, I go off in search of water, lunch and cigars. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the cigars.

>Get back to Palace Station and that when I noticed it missing.

To be completely fair, that piece has been loose for close to 6 months and I’m honestly amazed that it didn’t fall off sooner. I don’t blame the car wash at all. It might have fallen off on the drive up and I just didn’t notice.

So, for the last few months, I’ve gone ghetto. I think it makes her look a little tougher tho, so I haven’t worried about. Bonus, just found out that J/C has an extra piece lying around that he’ll probably let go for a song (or, at the very least, a good bottle of beer)!

Now, to get to an SCMM meet…

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  1. you know, it wouldn’t hurt you to click through a link in your reader every now and again ;)

    Changed it about a month ago or so. Actually, right after I finished Tim’s blog.

  2. Oops!
    Speaking of websites, I’m gonna email you the address to my school’s sorry excuse for web presence just for sh*ts and giggles.

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