More photos

I was just out crusing tonight and came across a HUGE gallery of photos from the last LB MINI Poker Rally. I do mean a huge gallery.

Washed Roxy today for the first time since she was Maguiar’ed, and it’s amazing how good she looks! She has never looked this good after just a car before!

Saw a bunch of MINI’s in OC today too. CR MC on East Bound Hwy. 74 followed by an IB MCS not long after. I was then passed by a PW MCS heading west on Hwy. 74. Saw a few on the toll road today (Hwy. 73) and just cruising around near the airport also! Nice when that happens.

Did I mention I’m diggin the Yokohama’s?

Are you looking for something on and just can’t seem to find it? let me know and I’m sure I can help you out.

And, new brake pads getting installed Saturday morning. I’ll be sure to report back after the fact, but it looks fairly straightforward and I’m not expecting any hassles!