More safety proof

Next time you are filling up for gas and the cat in that monster SUV is saying that your MINI ‘doesn’t look safe’, point ’em over to the following link:

That my friends, is a MINI Cabrio, top down, upside down! Did I mention the driver, David Rose, Actually walked away fairly well un hurt!

David writes:

… flying in MINI was the not experience I think BMW had in mind. However, we ended up in the snow, upside down, and I was hanging from my seatbelt. I undid it, and fell into a face full of snow. Rather disconcerting. I reached behind me and grabbed the door handle, which pulled, but did not open because of the snow on the other side. Unfortunately, I could not get out because my parka hood was pinned under the headrest. Had you been under there with me, you would have heard me saying “would someone open the door, please?” …

Read the whole thing here
So, to all of you that keep insisting that our beloved little car isn’t safe…

Do I need to show you the crash test pictures of the F-150 again?

On a different note altogether, I will have the links page back up tonight. I have also decided that instead of testing a layout in place (bad db…bad, bad BAD!), I’ve set up a special dev site where I can tweak and tinker instead.
Links page is back!

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