For those of you wondering…

My other weblog, MotoringFile, is currently down. We are currently upgrading the site to a new host. We had planned on having minimal downtime this weekend however, due to circumstances out of our control, things will take a bit longer than anticipated. We expect the site to be back up sometime on Sunday just in time to post some more juicy bits of info.

From Gabe’s personal site.

If you are wondering, yes, that affects the feed as well. More when the site becomes available.

4 replies on “Motoringfile”

  1. Yesterday was a bad day – no motoringfile and I couldn’t get to the scmm boards either. The MINI2 forums are blocked from by company’s proxy, too – whats a guy to do at work?

  2. Hmm…. looks like our oh-so-friendly network support team have blocked the SCMM forums. It doesn’t trigger a ‘banned’ message but rather times out instead. Worked fine from my apartment last night. Sigh….

  3. hmmmmm….that’s odd. It doesn’t have any weird port calls or anything like either, which is double odd. Is this only a problem with the scmm board, or does it happen on others as well?

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