MTTS 2010: The rest of the way

The following is part 3 of a multipart series recapping my adventures during MTTS 2010 as I motored from Los Angeles, California to Denver, Colorado from August 7th through August 15th. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here

Day 6: Grand Junction to MINIs in the Mountains

Today’s journey took us east on I-70 into the rockies toward Winter Park Colorado. I was leading about 15 MINIs on this day, and with an iron fist! Our first hour out we had to make a stop for bathrooms. That was the last one until we reached Frisco, CO, our Flickr photo stop for the day and a good spot to stop for lunch.


Lunch at a place called The Moosejaw. How could _we not_ eat here, right?

We continued on, getting the chance to drive through the Eisenhower tunnel as we climbed higher and higher into the rockies before arriving in Winter Park just in time to check in to our hotels and head out for the evenings festivities. It was at about this time that a couple of realizations kicked in. First was one of the hotels in Winter Park was, we’ll say, scary. Second, I found out that high altitude and I really don’t get along too well. Sure, I had a hard time breathing, but not so bad I noticed. It was more like something _didn’t feel right_. Hard to explain. So, I took it easy for the rest of the day, called it an early night in preparation for tomorrow’s hour long trip to MTTS after a walk around MiTM.

Day 7: MINIs in the Mountains and MTTS Denver

If you’ve never been to MINIs in the Mountains before, it looked like a fantastic event. Lots of vendor **and** dealer particpation, lots of great looking MINIs and some brilliant scenery! I would like to try this event again and hope my coping with altitude improves.

After walking around, talking to friends and snapping some photos, it was time to motor east to Denver! It was a short hop over the mountain back to I-70. There I was met by Brian Black, giving me an escort and hoping I would take a run up Mt. Evans. Let’s take a minute to review the MINI I was driving again. 2010 R56 MC, Chili Red with Black roof. JCW Body kit. H/K stereo. **Automatic** transmission. One thing I did discover in the Rockies that this combination was less than ideal for any _spirited_ motoring. I declined Brian’s invite and continued into town, got checked in at the host hotel and waited to meet up with the rest of the WRR Crew.

Day 7: MTTS!

Once Todd, Gabe and Chad arrived, it was time to consume a cocktail or 2 and catch up on what had happened during the week before heading to the owners party at the MTTS event site. This being the last party of MTTS, MINIUSA went crazy! Food, drinks, music, a wedding ( ! ) and all 5 R60 Countrymen. All there along with motorers that drove from the east and west to celebrate this brilliant little car. The party continued long into the night, even after the main party stopped!

Day 8: Final Day

Today started with a gathering at Red Rocks Ampitheater.

That was one of the largest gatherings of MINIs I have ever seen! It was amazing! Once in place, we were lead into the main ampitheater for a bit of a pep rally and some crazy dancers performed for us. It was pretty cool. Then, back up and out to our MINIs to set forth on the rally for the day; A drive up Mount Evans.

Imagine if you will going on a rally with 600 of your closests mates, through the mountains of the Rockies. Yes, it was exactly like that. Not that I would know since I peeled off early to rest up a bit and prepare for the event that night. Someone had to setup the WRR/Motoringfile booth!

The WRR/MF tent

Here we hung out, talked with fans and friends, sold badges and generally had a day of not too much driving. There was live music all day, finishing with a great performance by Blues Traveller!

For me, this event was definitely more about the drive than the destination. MTTS was very cool in Denver to be sure, but the experiences on the road beat it out 10:1. New friends, great roads and more **me** time than I’ve had in a while. It was truly amazing and I can’t wait to do it again! I think a trip to MiTM might be in my future, with a stop at Crown Burger in Salt Lake City on the way so I can have another one of these.

As a bonus to all that registered and attended MTTS 2010, MINIUSA had one final surprise and delight! A coupon good for $1,500 off any 2010 **or** 2011 MINI Cooper, and it’s good with other offers (read the small print)!

If you missed it, plan for 2012. It _will_ happen again. You can also go back and check out the White Roof Radio coverage of the entire event, from both sides of the states!

Thanks again to MINIUSA for putting on such a kick ass event! Thanks to the Performance Group for pulling it off without a hitch! That’s to Michael for handling the back-end stuff while the rest of us were on the road. And thanks to Todd, Gabe and Chad for doing a pretty kick ass job themselves!

Next up? MINI United 2011! Who’s ready?

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