MTTS Chicago/LA…Who’s going?

MTTSI’m sorry to say that I won’t be able to attend MTTS Chicago this weekend. But I will be holding down the WRR fort here on the West Coast.

I will, however, be in LA! Besides MTTS, it is the 3rd anniversary of WRR! I have some ideas for cool stuff to do while we are there too. We shall see if any of it happens.

So, who’s going? Chicago or LA or both? C’mon, we want to know!

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  1. Still trying to make it to the LA, not exactly the home of Motoring to me but should be fun.

  2. I’ll be in LA with my wife. We’re making a week of it with a stop over in Morro Bay, an afternoon in Santa Barbara, and a couple of days at Disneyland. We’ll be leaving the LA area on Monday the 4th. I’m looking forward to meeting you all. I’ll be in MINI52.

  3. Hey, can’t make it to Chicagoland MTTS but you know I won’t miss the SoCal shindig.
    Ate least I’ll be in Chitown for the Air Show a week later. :-|

  4. >BTW – Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of WRR!!! Amazing accomplishment.

    Thanks! I’ll see you there for sure!

  5. I was really bummed that you weren’t there. You’re the only MINI celebrity that I know and like.

  6. Sorry to disappoint. Being out of work makes it really hard for me to travel 2000 miles from home for a weekend, ya know?

    I’m sure I’ll get the chance to make another midwestern event sometime in the future!

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