MTTS Update: We are in Boston!

After a week in a MINI, 1800 miles, countless traffic jams and construction delays and I have no idea how many cups of bad hotel coffee, we are finally in Boston!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days, but we have been all-go-no-quit everyday this week! Starting at 6:00a and not getting into our hotel room until 12:00a. Brutal schedule but it’s been a lot of fun! Here is a quick run down of things since Wednesday.

Wednesday we started in Virginia Beach and drove to Philly. Of all our drives so far, I would say this one was the 2nd most boring. Mostly because we got stuck in construction traffic for quite a while, driving almost 4 hours at about 40mph. Plus a little traffic in Philly, but that was to be expected.

In Philly we were greated beyond warmly by the Philly MINI Club who had swag bags for everyone there, plus a little something extra for Todd and myself! After the meet and greet, they treated us to a few cold ones at a local pub before calling it a night! What a great group.

The following morning we met to run the ‘Rocky Steps’ and take some pictures before heading out to Mahwah, New Jersey. Before that, Todd, his wife and myself got to spend a few hours in Philly, checking out the sites and getting a cheesesteak. Whiz and onions, thank you very much. I think it was Rick’s in Reading Terminal Market. It was great!

In Mahwah, we were treated to an awesome dinner at Prestige MINI! Great meal, a funny story by Rauno and great cars! After that we took a great drive up into the hills to a drive-in to watch the latest Indiana Jones Movie, complete with popcorn and drink! Again, all organized by Prestige MINI and they did an awesome job!

Finally, we drove from Mahwah to Boston. On Merimac Pkwy I believe, which was a beautiful drive. Made even better by the fact that there were a bunch of MINIs with us.

So far, it’s been a blast! I’ve got tons of pictures going up tonight after the F1 Event. Todd has some more audio that I’ll be getting posted soon and I still have video to edit.

More updates as they happen. Keep an eye on the Flickr for more updates later today.

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  1. Don’t believe a word about the “brutual schedule” … I only saw you both relaxing and propping up bars – and “a few cold ones” with the wonderful Philly folk does not count as work ;)

    Great to see you both!

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