My Favorite Podcasts

As it is almost the 2nd anniversary of Whiteroofradio (past the 2nd for the podcast in general), and I was tagged by Mr. Gifford, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite podcasts that live in my iPod.

My favorites, in no particular order

  • Whiteroofradio. Yea, I think it’s pretty good
  • TWiT. Well, except for the iPhone episode. I just couldn’t listen
  • The Jalopnik pre-cast. Short, sweet and I always want to throw stuff at Farago
  • Ask A Ninja. Pure comedy genius
  • Assorted Indie Feed Podcasts. Currently checking out Blues, Electronica and Hip Hop
  • Clintons Television. A pop/country band out of Montana that I think is pretty good. Check them out here.
  • CNet’s Buzz Out Loud. Great tech news daily.

Plus a few others from TWiT like Security Now, Daily Giz Wiz and Windows Weekly.

I really don’t think anyone else will play along, but if they did, I say Josh might, Todd won’t, Chris could and maybe UK Paul. Of course, anyone can play along on your blog if you like. Heck, even in the comments. That would be cool!

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  1. Sweet- I’ll play along..

    1. WWR (it’s like my morning coffee)
    2. TWiT. And I agree on the iPhone podcasts…I am literally tired of hearing about, reading about, being asked about (yes, I bought one- please let me get back to work!) the iPhone. If you think TWiT is bad- you should listen to MacBreak Weekly…Even Leo Laporte is tired of hearing about it.
    3. AutoBlog. Although I’m not nearly as faithful to this one it’s a decent listen…I’m thinking of switching over to Jalopnik though.

    On another note- db- I think you should definitely find time (yeah I know, easier said than done) to do a tech podcast. I know you’ve been doing the gadget reviews (and those are solid) but a dedicated tech one would be really cool- I like it sometimes when you (Todd/Gabe) go off on a tangent about something tech related (GPS, computers, etc). Just a thought.

  2. Lesse-
    1. Buzz Out Loud (one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to)
    2. WRR- Which from listening to has on more than one occasion caused The Boy to declare “I wanna go Lost Begas!”
    3. The Mail Buoy- It hit a year on Monday!
    4. If it counts- Car Talk Call of The Week

    I’ve never been able to get in to TWiT, used to listen to SecurityNow and the HDTV podcast a long time ago. I even tried GizWiz on the trip to Vegas… But I’m really only down to the short list now…

  3. Any links / specific suggestions on the music – I’ll happily listen to blues, electronica too!

    Apart from WRR, “Car Talk” and the “PopSci from the Moon” are the only other podcasts currently downloaded automatically on my iTunes. I did get all the Jonathan Coulton “Thing A Week”s though (and then bought the CDs).

    There’s a thought … WRR highlights on CD ;)

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