New Brakes

Well, at least on the front.

Been about 70K miles with the old EBC Green pads (long commutes really help this out) and they were due. Actually, a bit overdue

[I would have inserted a picture here, but I’m embarrassed at how much I let them wear]

Installation was a snap with a quick refresher from this post at NAM by Richard.

If you are getting ready to do this yourself, this tutorial is a huge lifesaver! Be sure to check out the how-to for the rear brakes as well.

Front Brakes || Rear Brakes

5 replies on “New Brakes”

  1. ooooh yea….you were photog for that job if I remember correctly. Do you still have the ‘floating MINI’ pic floating around?

  2. Thanks for logging those how-tos, I always have trouble finding them when I needed them..

    I was scared when I decided to do my brakes but determined. The first wheel took me almost 2 hours, the 4th one 15 minutes. :) Great sense of accomplishment when I was done and glad I will never have to pay hundreds of dollars to get my brakes done like most people do.

  3. Thanks! some of these are so hard to find that I figure at least I’ll need them sometime again in the future.

    I felt the same way the first time. I actually had an easy go with the fronts, but the rears gave me some grief. I found a third hand and it went much smoother.

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