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This is what’s next gang if the oil companies ever allow it…

The FCHV generates electricity by feeding hydrogen into a fuel cell, powering its electric drive motor. Toyota used its Highlander model for the prototype, but you can’t get the FCHV from your local dealer. Currently, Toyota leases out only a few of them to universities and government agencies for research purposes

It’s a short demo-like review that is definitely interesting. Reading through, you will see it has about the same range as most electric vehicles (150-200 miles) and it’s only output is water. I’m not sure what it takes to make the hydrogen and get it into the delivery system for vehicles, but this still looks quite promising.

Just watch the Hindenburg jokes, ok? :)

Toyota FCHV @ C|Net || C|net Car Tech || Toyota

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  1. Hm, think the MINI could get one of these engines in The Future? Because, if so, I’m calling ‘dibs’ on the headline “Oh! The HuMINIty!” when the first one goes up in a ball of glorious flames.

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