**Odometer, 01/19/2014** – 287,000

Big year. Gonna be a **HUGE** year! Woofcast #500 is coming up in February (22nd), Southwest MINI Fest is in March, about the same time the F56 launches and MINI Takes the States is happening this summer! This, of course, doesn’t include MINIs in the Mountains, The Dragon, MINIs on Top or any others that I haven’t mentioned here. Oh yea, and a track day!

Going to start the year off right. Taking Roxy in for an oil change this week and having Jerry start a new to-do list for her. There are some crazy leaks happening that are making me nutty and both axles are making noises best described as cracking knuckles when I turn. Time to get those items sorted out, plus a few others that you’ll be hearing about.

My goal is still to get Roxy to 300k. The way it’s looking right now, I think it’s going to happen before MTTS. That means, unless Harold shows up*, Roxy will more than likely be the highest mileage MINI on the trek**! Stay tuned.

* Harold Stansfield. Last I checked, he was well over 500K in his Silk Green MINI. His head was removed at 275k, so I’m winning, kinda.

** Yes, I am planning on driving her.

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  1. Really impressive I have to say. The MINI One D I left in Europe (my mom/siblings drive it now) only has 70K on it and it is almost 11 years old…Go Roxy!

      1. Not to make you even more jealous but my personal record with one tank of gas is 590 miles. There were good times :)

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