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New axles have been on the list for quite some time. Associated with bad axles are noises. Noises that I got used to hearing and knew what they were. Noises that I didn’t really worry too much about, since I knew replacements were ready and waiting.

2 days before I started hearing a new noise. Actually not new, it’s one that I heard 10 years ago. It’s the noise of a dying Midlands transmission. At least I’m pretty sure. Really noticeable, now, in 4th and 5th at highway speeds, its like a high pitched whine/clicking noise. It is hard to describe. Trust me when I say it is not pleasant.

Plans A and B have been put into place. I’m pretty sure plan B will be the more inexpensive route and, at the same time, yield the best results. I just don’t want to activate Plan C yet unless absolutely necessary. And, really, I won’t know more until Jerry gets her back on the rack to drive test and hear the sound and check everything out.

So close. Less than 9k miles to go and that damned Midlands decides to crap out. Still, in the grand scheme of things, 10 years and almost 250K miles is pretty damned impressive for anything. My fridge isn’t even that old!

Updates as they happen.

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    1. Should be able to get it taken care of for less than the cost of a new unit. Plan is still being formulated. Thanks Ian!

  1. Don, bet you can find a deal on a used CVT! All kidding aside, I had to drop in a used 6-speed in my 2006 “S” and my warranty company spent $2500 or so. Bad news, the “new” one sounded worse than the old one. Still working on THAT replacement.

    1. Have already sourced 2 used 6 speeds and the parts list has been assembled. Gonna cost roughly the same as yours. Still better than a car payment for me right now!

  2. 10 years ago, so was the transmission replaced under warranty before? Will be interested in hearing what the issue is! Pat

    1. It was. I don’t know what the exact issue is. These just go bad. The first batch just happen to go bad quicker ;)

  3. Ouch, but sounds like it’s being resolved. I suppose Plan C is an new MINI but I’m not sure I understand what plan A and B. Can you clarify?

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