Odd message

I have to write about this now, because if you were to wait for Todd to do it himself, you’d be waiting awhile…

My phone buzzes with a new message. I open and read…

I’m on the hwy. something just hit my sunroof & shattered it!

Todd is fine. Not even a scratch thanks to the vinyl graphics on his roof that held the glass in place.

Todd said during a quick call that he thinks a rock hit it, from the tear in the vinyl. It made a very loud BANG, which he initially thought was a bag of something he had in the boot, and with it being a warm day in KC today (think exploding Pilsbury dough products). But then something fell on him and he looked up.

The entire front glass is totally shattered, but the rear is fine.

Good thing he is buying a GP. Those don’t have sunroof’s ;)

Anyone else? Either with a shattered sunroof or ordered a GP?

3 replies on “Odd message”

  1. Thanks for posting for me. : )

    BTW – you omitted the explative at the end of my text message :-0

    What I thought had exploded was a bag with a jug of adhesive remover inside. I’m glad that was not it because the stuff stinks.

    I’ll post later this week with pics of the glass and the $$ damages…

  2. I posted it, but my f bomb filter kicked in ;)

    You are going to post this week? with pictures? dude, don’t kill yourself, you already have a post this month (I’m not really going to mention that it’s not MINI related tho ;)

  3. With the shaved head, at least he won’t have to worry about pulling glass out of his hair…

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