One more for the books

Driving home last night I hit 85,000 miles on the odometer!

Gas in my neck of the woods these days is making it just about cost prohibitive to do any extra motoring, hence the lack of pictures. If you want to check out some good ones, cruise on over to the SCMM Galleries. Some awesome pics there by Dave Bunting, George Marsh and J/C!

Because I know you that don’t live in California are curious…current prices for 91 octane is running between $2.67 and $2.80, depending on the part of town you are in. Yes, ouch indeed

5 replies on “One more for the books”

  1. So if it’ll be $2.35 for regular, Premium will still cost a premium.

    Filled up for $31 yesterday then the price went up today!

  2. I have to refill tomorrow….I will be paying $2.80 for a gallon!

    To add some insult to it, our good buddy Mark at gomotoring thought he’d chime in saying he is only paying $2.25 a gallon. The reasons to move just keep stacking up…

  3. I just wanted to add this, but Friday I paid $37.00 to fill up. Yes, that is a three followed by a seven to the left of the decimal point!

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