Only 1 to go

‘Milestone’ that is:

Purchase date: March 6th, 2003
Miles at delivery: 16

Current Miles: 90,042
Average miles per week: 744.15

Currently, I’m averaging about 500 miles a week. I have at least 1 500 mile road trip coming up, plus possibly 2 SCMM events, including a trip to SOWS.

Extra miles: 900

By my calculations, I should hit 100K miles on or about September 20th, 2005.

Any takers? Think it might be different? Join in and I’ll start a pool. Heck, I’ll even try to get a prize for whoever comes closest without going over.


4 replies on “Only 1 to go”

  1. Wow! Congrats … delivered close to when I got GBMINI#2, and I did 28K in that one and 5K on the new one so far – so only running at 1/3 your level.
    My commute is 11 miles each way – clearly yours is a bit further :)

  2. yea, my commute is roughly 50 miles each way. Once I’m at work, I can easily drive another 30-50 miles during my work day.

  3. oops … while I wish I did have a way-forward machine, it’s only a typo (that, of course, has been corrected :) )


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