Picking up trash

talk about having a non-MINI weekend…at Lake Mohave this weekend to participate in the 6th annual Ecology Day. a bunch of people get together and clean all the crap off of the beach, and a bunch of divers come down and pick up a bunch of crap off of the bottom of the lake. Cottonwood Cove is the location, so that also means, since i am their honorary IT guy, that i have a little bit of work to do as well, especially since I haven’t been here in over a month! a new pc has to be set-up, and some server maintenance is in order as well. have a good weekend!

To get here is the same drive as if you were going from SoCal to Vegas, but a big right turn on Nipton road. Can’t believe that I didn’t see any MINI’s on the drive out. I wonder if anyone has made the drive to Vegas yet in theirs….hmmm
more later