Podcast #4

Update — ITMS users can now subscribe to the dbmini podcast right from iTunes! Just search for dbmini and there it will be.
#4 is in the can as they say and ready for you to check out!

Thanks to Todd Pearson for joining me this week as we talk about getting the most bang for your fuel buck! We did get a little carried away and it runs a bit more than 25 minutes, but we think you’ll enjoy it.

This is the reason why I did a podcast. You should really check it out. If you do, any comments would be GREATLY appreciated!

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13 replies on “Podcast #4”

  1. Thank you for making these podcasts, I look forward to hearing #3 on pros and cons on track day.

    I will return to your site regularly… (ususally hang out at the big two mini sites)

    Thanks again,

  2. I’m listening to it now…I really like the idea of teleconferencing with todd, it’s much more of a conversation. Care to let us know how you two conferenced, technically? (ichat?)

  3. Cool podcast. I’m listening to #4 (with Todd) right now. I actually followed the link from Todd’s blog. The sound quality is really good, but the levels are ALL over the place. The music in the beginning is REALLY loud, and you’re considerably louder than Todd. I found myself having to turn it up to the point that your voice was too loud (for my office) just so I could hear Todd’s dulcet tones. :) If you could run the whole audio file through a compressor or normalizer, it would sound really great. Keep up the good work!

  4. As it turns out this is way more difficult than it should be. We used Skype for the call and I then recorded it using a program called podProducer. I then mixed the recording down in Audacity. Yes, I’m running Windows.

    Yea, the levels are still tweaked. We are working on that. I’m sure by the time the next one comes out it will sound much better.

  5. If you click the link on #6, that will take you to the ‘how-I’m-going-to-attempt-to-record-next-time’ post on my personal ‘blog. If you are interested in how it works out, let me know and I will happily provide details.

    Oh yea, for the Mac peeps…Todd is also working on the recording aspect. More testing will ensue tonight.

  6. Hey guys, I’ve added your podcast feed to odeo.com:


    (It only seems to have picked up the first two, and my copy of Newsfire only picks up show #4, so I’m not really sure how you’re creating your feed, but whatever, at least it’s in Odeo.)

    p.s. BIG mini fan, so it’s in my interests to get you guys onto odeo :o)

  7. Hey, great podcast, just wanted to make a comment about the oil change subject. I was surprised to hear you guys say how hard it is to change the oil on the MINI, because I find it rather easy. I’m not sure how different it is between the Cooper and the Cooper S but I can’t imagine them being drastically different. I know one thing for certain though, I’ve changed the oil in many cars, and the MINI ranks near the easier of cars to do. Try changing the oil in a 90 Honda Civic without jack stands or a lift, fat chance.

    There’s lots of howtos out there (a good one at motoringfile.com), but all you really need is a 36mm socket, a 13mm socket, oil and a new filter. I bought a set of rhino ramps to make the job a little easier but those aren’t even required. Of course the hardest part is getting the oil canister back on, but after you do it once, and see exactly how it works, it’ll be a snap the next time.

    I’d also like to comment on the Jiffy Lube discussion. I took my MINI to a Jiffy Lube in Virginia because I was unable to do it myself and didn’t want to pay the money to have the dealer do it. Well, I’ll never do that again. For one, they put the drain plug on so tight I had to anchor myself all kinds of weird ways under the MINI to get enough leverage to get the thing off. Also, I don’t know how they did it, but they put the filter canister back on so tight that I had to use a breaker bar to get it off and in doing so I had to put so much force on the ratchet that the handle on the ratchet began to bend. So really the first time I changed the oil in my MINI myself would have been way easier had it not been for Jiffy Lube.

    Anyway, I love the podcast, so keep up the good work. Thanks!

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