About a month a go or so, when applying brakes at highway speeds my MINI had this very annoying chatter. A quick ask around confirmed my suspecions; warped brake rotors. I was hoping it wasn’t so, since I just did the front brakes a little more than a year ago, not even 20k miles. But, sure as anything, when I removed the centric rotors they were both slightly warped. The left (driver) side more than the right, but they were still both warped.

So, new rotors were installed. Upgraded this time to some Brembo’s. They aren’t fancy, let’s call them OEM+. And, as I have done since I have been putting brakes on my car, a fresh set of EBC Greenstuff pads were installed because I’m weird. I didn’t fancy the idea of installing new rotors with the old pads (that still have a ton of life in them), so I have stored those to be installed when this set wears out.

Since I was there, tire rotation was in order. A quick check of fluids and a wash to finish things off before heading to Scottsdale Pavilions for the weekly car show.


I keep telling you guys that front brakes are about the easiest DIY job on the planet. Not quite as easy on the R56 as my car, but still easy enough to give it a try yourself. For me, it’s a flathead screwdriver, a 16mm socket, the star socket that I forget the size of, a jack and about 30 minutes to get the job done. Parts this time were a little more than $200. Sure, that’s a lot for parts, but when you look at what a dealer charges (almost $800), or you local shop charges (about $60 less), it’s worth it to figure this one. I still leave the rears to a professional since I don’t have the fancy tool need to open the calipers, but I still bring my own parts so I only have to pay labor.

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