Driving to lunch yesterday, I start hearing a very strange noise coming from the passenger side rear of the car. Like a flat tire, but without the bad driving. I pulled over immediately, got out and checked. That when I saw that largest thing I have ever run over in a car. Ever. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen how much was actually inside the tire. No kinding, this was a 6" long screw that I drove over! I had to use a hacksaw to get the big part off so I could drive it over to Discount Tire for a repair.

While I was looking at this, I was thinking I’d use the spare and then I remembered it would be the spare that I do not have. For the first time since 2003 I am driving a car without a spare tire and for the 2nd time since 2003 I’ve actually needed it. Luckily, like every other flat tire I have ever had, this one happened close to work / home / tire shop that could easily repair it.

That said, I have decided on my first mod. That will be grabbing a space saver spare from Detroit Tuned with the sweet bag Chad’s mom makes. While I won’t be carrying it all the time, I will have it so when I’m driving across the desert to visit my folks or go to Vegas or San Diego, I’ll be prepared. Like a boy scout. Like a boss.

I know you have a backup plan should something like this happen to you. Comments are open, share what you do!

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  1. I bought my 2009 R55 used and when I discovered that there was a space for a spare tire, I did exactly what you did. However, I also bought the foam insert for the tool kit, jack etc.

    I’ve only had to use it once but given the fact that it was also pouring rain, I called AAA for a tow instead. I still like knowing that it’s there in case I need it though.

    Is there a well for the spare in your Roadster?

    1. I have roadside with my insurance too, which is helpful. I don’t think there is a well for the spare, but if my load is light, it will fit in the boot or behind the seats (I think). I’d figure out a way to get it there.

      Again, not that it matters that much. I did drive across the US in a JCW roadster without a spare, no problem. But that little bit of piece of mind would be nice.

  2. I’m glad you’re going to be prepared next time is happens to you …sorry that it happened you have a great game

  3. I purchased a slime kit with air compressor. However when travelling a long distance I carry a spare tire not mounted on rim. Just incase I was somewhere they did not have my tire size.

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