Roxy got detailed!

I was FINALLY able to get her in for a serious cleaning and polishing this week…

This weekend she will again get her normal treatment of NXT soap, Tech Wax (no matter what roadfly test shows) and Tech Protectant on the inside. Go ahead and click that link for the roadfly test. It’s extremely interesting and perfectly done!

More pictures.

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5 replies on “Roxy got detailed!”

  1. Thanks for the roadfly link. It confirms what I have been telling many others for a while: You don’t need to jump through hoops and go through all the steps and hours of work to see the benefits of zaino. I often only have time to do one coat after washing the car after work, I haven’t had a free weekend day in months.

    And I still say NXT is a decent choice, at least for what is available easily in stores. Before that came out, there was no good in-store choice. (read: polymer wax)

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