See, it’s fixed! (part 2)


What a wild and crazy week I’ve had!

For those of you that were following along on Twitter, you already knew that I spent the morning at MINI of Ontario yesterday getting the cooling system sorted out after the body shop installed a new radiator. Here is how it went down.

The Friday before MTTS I left my MINI at MoO to get it into the body shop for repairs after my accident. They had the inspection list and paper work and told me it would be about 7-10 days. During MTTS, I got a phone call saying that my radiator was leaking. I knew this already and it’s been this way for longer than I care to admit. They told me I could have them install a new one on the insurace company’s dime since the old unit was removed. I agreed, ordered a replacement from MoO and they sent it over.

I get home from MTTS and hear my car will be ready on Wednesday. Perfect! I go pick it and motor along, happy with the repairs which included a new grill, new front and rear bumper covers, new trim pieces, new fog light and back up light and front end alignment. All done, as far as I could tell, perfectly.

Until I start driving around in Temecula, which we already now is my traffic nemesis and the town that kills cars. I glance over and see the temp gauge pegged in the red! I called MoO and spoke with Eric Hall, ace Service Manager, to ask him what could be wrong. He told me probably air in the system which could be fixed by adding coolant to the system. Which I did.

When I noticed a river of coolant running out from under my MINI. Oops.

More calls ensued and I eased my MINI back to my driveway. The following morning, before heading off, I again added coolant to the resovoir and it started leaking straight away, without the engine running! Oops again.

So I drove her to MoO and hung out while they went through the cooling system, again, with a fine toothed comb. They said it was air in the system, which I don’t doubt. They didn’t tell me what was causing the leak however, since I’m pretty sure that air in the system of a car that is not running will not make it rain antifreeze from the bottom. If I were a betting man, I would say that it was an idiot mistake like forgetting to tighten a hose clamp or something, PLUS air in the lines.

Regardless, my MINI has a 90% brand new cooling system and it’s running great. Bonus for you guys, the missing trim piece has been replaced, which is also pretty funny. When I went to pick up my MINI the first time, I pulled that piece of my bag and Kyle the Service Writer, immediately grabbed it, went to the shop and put it on. Didn’t ask, didn’t make fun, just did it. It looks like everyone was bothered by that.

Now that my week is finally over I can get MTTS closed out. Watch for that next week.

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  1. Congrats on getting Roxy back! She looks really nice! Another example to demonstrate that MoO seems to really care about their customers. Four month ago my 4 wheels were stolen from my R53 while I just had the car for 3 weeks:( So far the insurance company and the garage where it is being repaired have been unprofessional and slow. I don’t know when I will get my MINI back; the repair shop was closed for two weeks due to summer vacations, ugh. Things like that make me wish I had stayed in the US…

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