Since you are here

I know you are reading this…the little counter on the side told me so. don’t worry, i have no idea who you are or what you are doing. i can’t see you. just don’t tell me you are are reading my blog in the nude…i think that would be a little creepy…but, since you are here, there is a link over there on the right that says sign guestbook. give it a go…leave an address where I can go to see what you have…i will even link back if you like….oh yea, and be sure to tell me how you got here…did you following the link in my sig from MCO? from the blog hot or not….what, you haven’t checked that out yet? oh, by all mean, do that first…there are some really good one out there, this is just amateur stuff, really….it is truly amazing the amount of stuff people will put on a web page for total strangers to read…if you want to start your own blog, click here. it’s free, it is VERY easy (you can click a mouse, right?) and sometimes it can be quite theraputic…just don’t forget to come back and sign the guestbook! lol
more later