Snow in SoCal

Roxy in Snow
Can you believe it? A bunch of SCMM members drove up to Idylwild today. Some really cool roads out through the badlands of the IE, through Anza up to Hwy 74 between Indio and Idylwild.

In Idylwild, Joann’s restaurant cleared out their whole place just for us, and save us parking! We had the joint completely surrounded with MINI’s! Caused the biggest traffic jam in Idylwild too I’m sure!

We have a bite and everyone is catching up. And it starts to rain. Then hail. The snow! No kidding! It was awesome! Of course, being the bunch of SoCall sissy drivers we are, we got outta dodge pretty quick before the roads got too slick. I only wish I had gotten more pictures.

If you have some shots of the snow, let me know and I can post them here!