So close

Got a call from my guy at the bank last week. I was a few days late with my payment since I turned off the autopay in December and forgot. Oops.

Since I had him on the phone, went ahead and asked him what the balance of the loan was.

Roxy will be paid off next month! WOOHOO!

Guess it’s time to start getting serious on that r56 spec.

In the meantime, going in tomorrow for a new set of tires. After what everyone has been saying, I have decided to give the Kumho SBT SPTs a try. Besides that, can’t beat the price at my local America’s Tire Store.

And, be sure to check out Woof127 as soon as it goes up (probably sometime later today). Randy Webb is on with us and gives us the complete skinny on where he has been and what he has planned for Webb Motorsports!

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  1. I look forward to your word on the Kumhos. I’m about done with my second set of AVS ES100s. As much as I like ’em, they sure do wear down quickly (not a reflection on the driver! I swear!).

  2. I can’t wait to hear Wolf127 (I’ve been chatting with Randy over on his new chatroom). As for tires, I’m with Erik. I switched to ES100s and it looks like I’ll be getting as much life out of them as I did the Euphori@’s…2 years. At least they’re cheaper. I was thinking about trying BFG KDW’s next.

  3. woo hoo indeed!

    I’m curious – how many miles does one expect (on average, whatever that means) from a set of tires? Been looking at mine and can’t decide if they are close or still got a few months to go… I’m at 29000, first set.

  4. Run flats? those are close. I got 35K miles out of the goodyears that came on Roxy.

    However, the Pirelli p6’s that I’m taking off this week have over 50K miles on them, and I could probably go another 10K if they weren’t so danged loud. The last set of these wore about as long too. They are great in weather and are quiet until about 40K miles and have a nice ride. They don’t, however, handle as well as other tires I have used or have as good of stopping power. But boy do they last!

  5. SBTs? Haven’t heard of those. Are they the new ones that smell like lavender? ;)

    I put on two sets of ES100s last year; one in April, and another in June. A couple of autocrosses and three track days and they were toast. And they get *really* noisy as they wear. I might try the KDWs this year, but they don’t seem to hold up all that well at driving events. Maybe it’s time to go to tires just for track events?

  6. That’s what I did. I have a set of the Yokos on a separate set of wheels that I use only for track days. I think they are great for that. I really don’t like them for daily driving because of the noise and ride quality.

    And, no, it’s not lavender. It’s Pachoulli you savage!

  7. Congrats on paying off the car, DB. I find myself in the same situation– after doing some hardcore moonlighting for the past two months, my ’04 MCS will all mine at the end of next month.

    It sure makes those 18 hour days in the hospital worth it….sort of.


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