So this happened again

The above photos were shot about 1 hour into my dreadful 2 hour drive to go from Anaheim to my house in Lake Elsinore. But that’s not important.

I’m fine, it was at low speed. I was **rammed** from the back hard enough to force me into the back of the car in front of me. I was stopped when it happened, the girl driving the Honda behind got a little ancy I suppose. Like I said, I’m fine, the car, short of a little body damage, is also fine.

But that is not important either.

I’ve been driving for the last 26 years. Since 1995, I have logged over 500k miles. Never once since 1995 was I in any kind of accident, hit or had damage done to my car by something that happened while on the road.

Until 2 years ago when I was rear-ended for the first time, EVER! And then it happen again tonight. Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, over.

I’m a hyper-defensive driver. I am always checking my mirrors. Always leaving at least 1/2 car length between myself and any car stopped in front of me. Foot always hovers over the brake while stopped. These 2 accidents were not my fault.

I pose this question to the fine audience: Has the quality of the driver lowered _that_ much or is the MINI, still, so unique that it captivates people to the point of not paying attention. My guess is #1.

I really wanted to play the car insurance shuffle next week too. No, really.

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  1. It is just your luck. Knock on something, I drive a “logged” 70,000 miles per year and rarely have an issue. Three years ago I was rear-ended four times in two months. All rather major, but I was never hurt more than soreness and luckily never bumped the front guy. And luckily never in the MINI. Before that was 1997 and I’d say those are good odds.
    Don’t think you could have done a darn thing to prevent it either!, thats kinda what sucks the most.
    Cool you are so lucky all of a sudden, go buy a lotto ticket?.

  2. I’m like you, hyper defensive, and I think the level of attention given to driving these days is close to nil, that’s why there are lot more accidents. Also, when I was growing up accidents were something you just didn’t get into, horrid things, but people seem now seem to think they are part and parcel of life.

  3. Distracted driving is starting to plague this country. It is scary that now it seems the MAJORITY of traffic on the road is yapping on their cell phones, if not text messaging. (And I’ve seen a person doing both simultaneously with two phones!) So many people are on pluto while driving these days.

    I put a 3rd brake light flasher in my MINI years ago, as I noticed this and continually read about MINIs getting rear ended. I have no doubt over the years it got drivers’ attention a second earlier and has saved my mini from being hit. In six years it has never come in contact with another car.

    My new BMW doesn’t have one, and within months I was rear-ended when I know there was plenty of stopping distance.

  4. Sorry to hear about this DB, glad that both you and Roxie made it out relatively unscathed!

    Not trying to give any driving instructions but when at a stop the brakes should be applied. A huge number of accidents happen when people are hit from behind at stops that roll into traffic and other vehicles.

  5. I was rear ended on a motorcycle twice within a two year period.
    Once while making a left turn, and inattentive new driver didn’t see me.
    The second was an older man who took his foot off the brake whila at a stoplight and rolled into me.

    Both were not serious, and only a few hundred dollars damage. I have additional brake lights on both bikes (flashing on one of the bikes), and I still wasn’t noticed.

    I’ve also wired up the foglights as additional brake lights on both 02 and 03 MINIs. Makes a big difference, but I don’t know if it really will help or not with so many idiots out there..

  6. It is the lowered quality of drivers gone down so much — especially in California, where practically anyone who knows how to step on the accelerator and the brake can get a license.

    I have a friend who just learned how to drive about a couple of weeks ago (let’s just say he’s kind of slow, mentally), didn’t know how to use the turn signal, never look in any rear view mirrors, didn’t know how to turn on the head lamps or engage the wipers, don’t know what “yield” means. All he knows to do is start the car, and put the car into “D” or “R” and go. He doesn’t even know what “N” in the shifter mean — and somehow he managed to get a license. If that is not an indication of the “quality” of drivers we have on the road, I don’t know what is.

    Mean while, all that the highway patrol does on a regular basis is to hand out tickets to speeders to meet their monthly “quota”. Never mind drivers on the road never use their signals, or likes to drive side-by-side to block traffic behind them, or tailgate, or make unsafe lane changes, or stay in neighboring car’s blind spot to prevent other cars from going around to get in front of them, or just lack of any courtesy on the road. Heck I’ve even observed numerous times when the highway patrol or police cars tailgate the crap out of another car for seemingly no reason at all, when there’s plenty of space and opportunity to pass the car in front of them.

    So, I think it’s a systematic failure, from issuance of license to law enforcement and everything in between, leading to decreased quality of drivers.

  7. Maybe you should buy a Hummer. I hear they are nice. No, but really, sorry to hear about your accident. That’s always a bummer.

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