Software Update

Picked up my MINI today after being at Crevier for almost 2 weeks. The main thing getting taken care of was the ECU upgrade.

I am now on the latest and greatest version and so far, everything seems to be exactly how it should be, without any stumble or stutter or even yo-yo. Idle is smooth. Coming to a stop out of gear no longer produces any kind of shudder. Sitting in traffic doesn’t cause any problems. A/C was on the entire time too. I’m not going to say it’s fixed yet because it has only been about 50 miles, but so far so good! Keep in mind, Roxy is an November ’02 build, ’03 MC

Also, keep an eye on your seat backs. I had to have mine replaced because it was bent. The replacement for it was bent so I had to wait an extra week for the part to arrive. This was discovered after the seat back got stuck and wouldn’t recline backwards. There is another MINI at Crevier coming in soon for the exact same problem. Just an FYI