Sport Link System

I recieved an email, as did many of you, that outlined the new MINI-Fini Sport Link System. From the email:

The Sport-Link? – Part #82 11 0 154 539

The Sport-Link? fits both the Cooper and the Cooper S. All that is visible from the rear are two small stainless steel ports. Once attached to the car, a wide variety of Mini-Fini products can be attached. Currently available is the Bike Rack in limited supply.

This is what the sport link system looks like:


More from the email:

At the moment, the Bike Rack, Sport-Link? and Arm Rest are in limited supply. All products are available ONLY at your U.S. MINI Cooper dealership. If your dealer has not yet secured his inventory of these products, give him the part number of the product you select to special order it for you.

From what I understand, the Sport link system will also support some type of tow-hitch, a carrier of sorts that I’ve seen photographed with 4 wheels on it among other things.

See your dealer for more information.