Still in the shop

Got the call I didn’t want to hear today. Roxy is going to be in the shop until the end of the week! ACK! The seat back is on back order, which means it has to come from some far away exotic place. I could get her back earlier, but the shop manager is going to do full Q/C on the car before I get her back to make sure that everything is as perfect as it can be.

The problem with the seat is one that I haven’t heard of anyone else having, or the squeaky transmission. But, on the other hand, I’m one of the few people that I know about that have actually hit the 30K mark in the first year or sooner (just under 31K right now, picked her up in February). I recline the seat daily and open the boot twice a day or more. I already had to have the boot latch fixed, guess the seat was next. Weird at any rate.

About the loaner; ’02 BMW 330i is actually a really nice car. It’s comfortable, has gobs of power, solid ride and handles pretty descent. Plus the one I have has leather, CVT and HK stereo. If I were to upgrade, and could afford the extra, I’d seriously look into getting one of these. But at 42K (currently from BMW USA), it’s still a bit out of reach for me. Besides, I’d rather have a 5 series….

Finally, Arnold takes over today finally. I really hope he can repeal the car tax. Just found out from J/C that registration on the MINI is more than when I drove it off the lot! by almost $100! AcK! My fingers are crossed and I’ve already got my lotto ticket for this weeks drawing.