This is ‘The Other Post’

Tracking back for the last few months and I see that I have taken to saying “but that is a topic for another post” quite a bit. Without further adieu, here is the other post

In talking about the Kia Forte, I said…

To be fair, my MINI is a cheap car. Come on, it’s an R56. Premium skipped this version, but that’s for another post.

And, in talking about the value of MINI, I said…

And since I don’t really like this car anyway (a story for another time)

This is the part where I bash on the first generation R56. If I can take a minute and be really honest, Bruce was a piece of shit. Roxy, with 305,000 miles on her when I traded her in, was a better car in so many ways. And I don’t mean in ways that are sentimental. The R50/R53 (even the earlier versions) was a better built car. It was more mechanically sound. It had a quality feel about it.

The first gen R56 that I had in Bruce did not have any of these things. Sure, he was a runner, but quality? Not so much. Weird stuff too like the drivers side sun visor. One day, it just fell off. The boot latch switch was completely rotted out. The body kit parts fell off easily and I lost both outside rear view mirrors. Sure, my R50 had it’s share of issues, but it was from things that actually broke, not from shit just falling off the car.

I have to say that with the R59 (the Roadster), build quality is what I expect from a car made by MINI. It is solid. It drives well. It has a good feel to it. This is the car I was expecting when I got Bruce.

Another that has come up more than once is the following:

It has an automatic (another story for another time)

For those of you that are playing the home game, you already know that I fought the battle diabetes and won (or am currently winning). With that come a particular set of issues that I am finding easier to deal with while having an automatic transmission.

Not only that, but I am finding myself less frustrated during my ridiculous commute. I am finding myself, once again, enjoying the journey. I am finding myself, once again, looking forward to spending time in my car. It might be the top, it might be the higher quality stereo, it might be the transmission. Whatever it is, the automatic plays a huge part and it’s helping to keep my feet from wishing they were cut off from my ankles.

Serously, wtf is up with your site lately

This is going to end up being a series of posts over at the other blog, but for now let me just tell you that I have sourced a new server for all of my sites (there are quite a few) and they all of been moved to that new server. I’m still trying to wrap my head, fully, around the cluster that became at the end so it will probably be another week or 2 until i get the words to to screen.

Now that I have gotten everything caught up and gotten you up-to-date, that keeps the plate clear for a more complete write-up of the Roadster. But, that’s going to have to be for another post.