Tales from AMVIV X: #1

So. Did I happen to mention to you guys that I drove a Ferrari?

I was as awesome as you can imagine. No, it was way awesomer than that! I also got to drive a Lambo and a Jag on this same day. I was also asked "what’s it like to be you" later this night, but that’s for a later post.

In Vegas, you want to check out World Class Driving. Those guys are pretty damned awesome and offer you, the regular Joe, the opportunity to drive several different kinds of cars that you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive. On the day I went out, the choices were Jag, Lambo, Ferrari, Corvette Z-06, Shelby Mustang or an SRT Charger.

The Super Car tour costs about $500. You get the chance to drive up to 3 different cars (that do change, you would want to call for availability) in the Nevada desert. Keep in mind, this will be at the posted speed limit and you are escorted with a lead and a chase car. They don’t just hand you the keys to a $US1,000,000 sports car and say have it.

The guides were super friendly and knowledgeable about the cars. They want to make sure that you are having a great time and it shows. I know I had a brilliant time driving these cars and would recommend it to anyone.

If you are heading to Vegas and looking to do something that’s a little different and have the cash, check out World Class Driving. You won’t be sorry!

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