Talk about a busy week!

Never got the year in review posted, but I do have plans for the year forthcoming. But first…

Cool OR Not

Driving Ortega Highway like a race car driver…

Not so much
…in your mini van.

While I can appreciate your attempt at carrying some speed on the road, and it really makes me laugh as you try to correct from the serious understeer you experience when taking the corners way to fast, really guy, you are still driving a mini van.

No shame in pulling over and letting the faster traffic by. No one will think any less of you because of that. Remember, you are driving a mini van.

That’s all for now.

2 replies on “Talk about a busy week!”

  1. Did anyone see the accident going up the east side of the Ortega highway on Sunday the 8th at about 1150 AM? The 2nd motorcycle tried to follow the 1st at 100+MPH going around the 1st set of major curves and didn’t make it. I am looking to find out how the rider that was hit was. I saw through my mirror that he’d been hit but I was not in a position to stop, even slowing down would have been bad considering the guy in the Montero was right on my ass. In any case, if anyhone saw it or was involved I’d like to know more. Thanks

  2. I missed that, but as a rule I don’t drive Ortega Hwy on the weekends after 10 or earlier than 8. That’s when the crazies, as demonstrated here, get out :D

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