The Drive

So i actually looked on a map today of where I went on saturday, and it was quite a way out of the way. turns out that i practically drove right past area 51 and looped almost completely around China Lake! all together, it was 371 miles from pahrump, nevada to my house in socal, and I loved every minute of it.

Roxy II currently has 3500+ miles on her. My thoughts so far (compared to Roxy, ’03 brg/w mcs):

  • Roxy II has a nicer ride.
  • Roxy II is quieter, shifts smoother and has more manageable road manners
  • Roxy II is SERIOUSLY lacking in power, especially between 2K & 4K RPMs

Overall, I would have to vote for the MC in this battle for daily driving duties. the 5-speed is smoother to shift and not quite as much work. The interior is quieter and the ride just a tad smoother. Although I really do miss the extra power, the added gas mileage (so far not a tank under 30 MPG) is a big bonus, especially since I drive 500+ miles a week. and, of course, there is the big difference in appearance. I think the MC has a little more the *classic* shape, and I find it to be quite sexy! Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of the S too, but the MC is just a bit smoother there as well. If I could, I would still have an MCS, but that would be for weekends, maybe some racing.