The Factory Aero Kit

Fans of The Show know by now that, of the three of us, I’m the only one that likes the current factory aero kit. At least, it doesn’t bother me as bad as it does Todd and Gabe.

Until today.

I saw a PW/PW R56 with the kit installed. And, I have to say.

I didn’t like it. Not even a little bit.

Granted I did see it pass me on the other side of the road at about 50MPH. Usually that’s a test of how things look. For me, this time, the Aero kit did not pass.

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  1. Welcome to the club DB, what did you see in person that really didn’t work for you? For me the trim over the arches breaking like it does just makes the aero kit look like a very poor aftermarket development. To my eye it just breaks the flow horribly.

  2. I think it was the PW and the top of the arches combined. Maybe if the roof was black it wouldn’t have looked so…._weird_

  3. I really don’t have much to say other than my original view ick.

    Still can’t believe that a company I so adore could have designed this. To my eye it just draws my eye from the car and I can’t seem to see anything but those black arches. As a fact I would have a hard time telling the color of the roof as my eyes get stuck. lol

  4. OK, be nice but… I just did a configuration with this kit on an Astro Black Clubman S and… it’s not too bad :-/ Still not as nice as the JCW Aero kit but… better than I’ve seen on other colors.

  5. They always seem to NEED work to MAKE them work. But then again, we LIKE doing that! It’s always a challenge to make some that’s lame look good. Still have yet to see a WRR MINI, db. Guess we’ve got some work to do…

  6. @Drill it does look better with the Astro Black. Actually, I still think it looks good with just about any other color _except_ PW.

    @Fireball Tim…WRR MINI is a must have! I have a feeling you’re thinking beyond a graphic to cover the roof too ;)

    Welcome to dbmini! Thanks for stopping by!

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