The good times are over!

Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing the sudden surge of Pontiac Aztecs and Buick Rendevous on the road lately? Seriously, I’ve seen 20 of these in the last 7 days, but probably more than that.

This is a disturbing trend to be sure, but at least they aren’t H3’s. That would give me the jibblies for sure.

Bonus points if you got the HomeStarRunner references

3 replies on “The good times are over!”

  1. man, you think seeing them is bad, try driving one!! my mom has a gold 03 RAAAHn – DAY – Voo ( i never learned how to spell it)

    talking about a POS, nothing like plastic and cloth, such a nice combo.

    one funny thing i found, when she went to go stick one of those yellow ribbon magnets on her car, the only place it would stick was the hood or the C pillars!!!! its saddening that that much is plastic, isnt it?

  2. I have only one question … Does it pop a tent out of the boot like the Aztec? Or, is the Buick version too upscale for that? :)

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