The new Mommy Van?

Because I seem to be on a roll with the hummers…

What is it about the Hummer? I see several H2s daily in my children’s carpool lane. For a vehicle with roots in the military, just what is the appeal to these soccer moms?

Of course the appeal is the ‘feeling’ of safety. Since the IIHS hasn’t crash tested a Hummer yet, I instead looked at a Chevy Silverado. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d still rather be in a MINI. While it’s not as bad as the Ford F150 of old, it still doesn’t look good.

ABC News Story

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  1. I recall once at the supermarket, seeing an elderly woman climb into her h2 after loading up the groceries. The license plate read “DEFENDR”. There’s gotta be some irony in there somewheres.

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