The Wish List

suspension parts wish listAs soon as I’m finally finished battling the California Department of Motor Vehicles to get my registration sticker, I will direct my focus on obtaining, and installing, the parts I need to keep my MINI rolling, driving and stopping.

I discussed this during the show this week, but thought I would give a little more detail here.

**Rear Sway Bar**
While I don’t have to replace this, I’m going to be there anyway replacing other things. It’s an inexpensive upgrade, and well worth it.

**Upper Control Arms**
I thought about going adjustable, but I honestly don’t need that level of control over my suspension (yet). Factory units will be used.

Going with the Konis. Sure I thought about going coilovers, but money tree still isn’t doing that great and hasn’t produced a regular crop in years.

Why Eibachs? Well, I have a set that I bought from an SCMM member a while back. I’m sure my springs are fine, but might as well finish the suspension mods right.

**What I didn’t talk about**
I’m going to make a few calls to see what else I need to do to complete this. After some poking around, it would appear that the ball joint replacement can be done in the driveway with a ball joint fork, so I will probably be takling that as well.

If things go well, I hope to be starting this project shortly after MINI United. Before would be nice, but I’m trying to be realistic.

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