There is a first for everything

Service yesterday/today at Crevier went less than well I am sorry to say.

Got there yesterday about 15 minutes after my appointed time. Waited about 10 minutes for the SA (which is about normal). Everything went fine, she wrote me up, logged me in for a shuttle and I was on my way. That’s when things went wrong.

First of all she asked if she could keep my car overnight, just in case. I told her that there was no way I could be without my car, so no. I didn’t book a loaner for this visit (I would have had to wait another month if I did). Next up, I had to wait almost 2 hours for the shuttle to give me a ride to my office. I ALMOST could have walked the distance in that time.

Then the calls came. Well, actually they didn’t, I had to call for an update at about 4:00. She wasn’t available, so I left a voicemail. I called again at 4:30, she was still not available, but the assistant on the phone was nice enough to offer to check the status of my car instead. But, it turns out that she was unable to check and asked if she could call right back. I say sure. 3 minutes later my phone rings. It’s my SA saying she needs to keep the car overnight!

I’m going to stop here for a quick second to say that Crevier BMW/MINI is roughly 55 miles from my house. For me to get from one to the other without a car would take about 4-6 hours using public transportation, or cost who-knows-how-much using a taxi or shuttle service.

I tell her if they are keeping my car, I need something to drive. She says ok, give me 5 minutes and I’ll call back. Call back she does, and she has hooked me up with a rental from Enterprise. Not a loaner from their fleet, but at least it wasn’t Ugly Duckling or something. She gives me the phone number to call. Meanwhile, she still hasn’t told me what is wrong with my car. I ask and she finally says that the guys are recommending fuel injector service ($170), front-end alignment and tires (no cost given*) and $350 to replace the sensors in the passenger side seat to turn off the airbag light. I pass on all but the fuel injector service.

I get a car and call it a day. A very late day, but a day nonetheless.

Today I finally get called at about 11:30 to say my car is done and ready to be picked up. Great. She asks when I’d be by to pick it up, but in a tone that made me feel like I was really putting them out for keeping my car on the lot. I said about 1:00 and hung up.

Get there and she is eating lunch at her desk. I can tell you from experience that the best way to make sure you get interrupted while eating is to do it at your desk. It’s also one of the best ways to make sure you are going to give crappy service to any customers you come in contact with.**

Anyway, she sends me to the desk and calls to have my car pulled up. I pay and that’s it. No review of work done or recommendations, no thanks, no nothing***. Even if this would have been a covered service visit, I would have been upset, but seeing how I actually had to pay $361.16 plus lose 4 billable hours, I am even more upset!

For the first time since going to Crevier for service I actually got the impression that I drive a lesser vehicle and should feel lucky they allow me there for service. To say it was less than a pleasant experience would be an overstatement. I can guarantee they will get a very unfavorable rating from me when the time comes, even if I have to make that call myself.

Let’s try to keep the Crevier bashing to a minimum on the comments, eh gang?

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  1. Hate to say this to a businessman…….but……..If you take it they will give it! Complain in person to the management…….PERIOD! I make sure if I’m getting the big “F” I complain LOUD, CALM AND CLEAR!

    The person was OBVIOUSLY NOT PROFESSIONAL! Why allow them to be that way? It’s your fault for allowing it to happen……PERIOD! Take action or take it in the end!



  2. Sure, Tess is hot (did you catch the rock on her finger too?), and she is nice enough, it just the rest of it that she just doesn’t get. I mean it would be nice to know exactly what I just paid $361.16 for, right?

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your bad service visit Don. To be honest, I haven’t been impressed at all with the new SA’s quality of service, so it’s sad to say that your experience doesn’t necessarily surprise me. Definitely do make some type of formal complaint though.

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