This can’t be good

From this story:

Small car from Kia is a disappointment: “The Spectra has several problems that added up to a poor rating,” Lund says. The structure is rated acceptable because of too much intrusion into the driver footwell area. The dummy’s head bottomed out the airbag and then went part way out the open side window and hit the door frame. High forces were recorded on the dummy’s head, and there were possibilities of injuries to the neck, chest, and both legs.

This is the first poor rating for frontal impact crash testing since 2001. What is really disturbing:

Kia Motors America Inc. said it has met with institute officials to determine how to improve the vehicle’s performance. The company also said it was comfortable with the level of safety the Spectra provides.

“Occupant safety is a priority for Kia,” the company said in a statement. “In the development of this product the Spectra has undergone a battery of tests, and we continue to have a high degree of confidence in the real-world protection offered by this vehicle.”

from this AP story via Yahoo! news.

Yea, um, sure gang. I’ll stick with my MINI thankyouverymuch :D