Time for a break

This is a repost from WRR that will be going up later today. Just wanted to make sure everyone got the word.

As we mention in Woof 274, it is time for White Roof Radio to take a break.

We’ve been going almost non-stop since July of 2005 covering MTTS (twice), MoTD, AMVIV and traveling to Europe to cover MINI United, not to mention the latest news in the MINI world from Motoringfile.

In the over 400 episodes we’ve uploaded you’ll find interviews with the who’s who in the MINI Community like Randy Webb, Peter Horath, Fireball Tim, the guys from Alta, Chad Miller and others. Plus interviews with Rauno Aaltenon, Dr. Kay Segler, Gert Hildebrand and others from MINI and MINI USA.

Our plan is take a few weeks off in October, re-group and start working on what I will call WRR v2.0. We want to freshen things up a bit, replace the worn out stripes on the bonnet, fix those rattles that have been around forever and have the power steering looked at. Oh, and maybe finally get that damned airbag light turned off!

I will be posting updates here throughout the month to keep you up-to-date on what is going on and how the conversion to v2.0 is going. We will be looking to you, the fine WRR listener, for feedback and opinions as well during this time, so keep an eye on this space for those updates!

Things you can expect to be different with v2.0:

  • Updated show format
  • Going back to 1 show a week
  • Resurrecting the Eventcasts!
  • More interviews
  • More/better event coverage
  • More Todd making funny noises!
  • Fine tuning of the website and feed

And, to make sure you still have something to listen to and to show off a little, I will be putting The Best of White Roof Radio episodes in the feed. 1 a week until we get back.

Finally, thanks for sticking around this long and helping to spread the word. Without you we wouldn’t have done this little dog and pony show for as long as we have, we wouldn’t be world famous and we certainly wouldn’t be the #1 Independent Automotive Podcast out there!

"We will make it better than it was. Better…stronger…faster!"

Stay tuned!

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