Time to start my own

My own Garage Night that is.

Way overdue for service. Not oil change service either. Belts, hoses and filters, a thorough going over. That service. Probably could stand for a tune-up as well.

Now, I’m all about getting my car serviced at the dealer. For the piece of mind and all that, ya know? I like to know that the work is done, by someone trained to do the work.

But at what cost?

Today I’m getting, essentially, the 100K inspection. Full break down of what that includes later, but essentially it’s an oil change, belts, hoses and all filters. If I had to guess, it’s about $300 in parts from the counter.

This doesn’t include spark plugs or anything else.

Guesses on how much? Since there aren’t that many of you out there on the far side of 100K miles, I’ll go ahead and tell you how much I was quoted.


Can you believe homeboy had the nerve, less than a week until Christmas, to try to upsell me on Tire Balance and Rotation, Brake Fluid Service, Power Steering Fluid Service and O2 sensors? I told him to stop, but he still had to run through the ‘recommendations’ which I understand.

Glad I can help pay for that cool new building.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. With the right pdf’s from Motoringfile, the right parts from the parts counter, and a few peeps in the garage I’ll have in less than a month, I could start my own Garage night. I think it’s time.

More after Roxy gets back.

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  1. Go for it db. Just get yourself a Haynes shop manual if you don’t have one. I don’t know that they have the 100k service listed in that but I know they do cover a bunch of services and if you knew what gets done there would be enough in the book to tell you how.

    Good luck with it all.

  2. Just email or call me with the date, I’ll be there with some hefewiezen, Newcastles, and carne asada.

    Oh yeah, and my MINI! (getting close to 100k)

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