Tomorrow is the day

so, tomorrow is the day that my mini (roxy?) gets spec’d and ordered. I have sworn that once the order is in, I am not going to make any changes. but, when the order is placed, i think i am going to make a couple. i’m thinking i like the way the 16″ wheels (white) looks better than the 17’s, and i’m thinking about dropping dsc. heard more bad than good. but, then again maybe not! I am also hoping that i might get a sooner-than-november build date. everyone has been saying that their build dates are getting bumped up, i can only hope that i am that lucky!

I have made a replica of her and she is now sitting on my desktop. the mini config tool sure is great to play around with. if you need some help with it, let me know and I would be happy to help out any way that I can. i’m going to try to get it posted to an ftp site and make it more readily available, both in ISO and uncompressed format (for those of you that don’t have CDRW’s).

about the name…it just hit me while I was driving around town in the rat mobile the other night, listening to a couple of tracks from the latest concrete blonde cd. there is one song on it called ‘Roxy’, and i believe the name is going to stick. I’m kinda tired, so i am going to try to post lyrics soon.

SCMM had a killer meet today, based on posts @ mco! about 32 MINI’s in attendance at the santa paula airport. I’ll be it was a whole lotta fun! i want mine to be here now, not in january!!! :(

more later