Track Day

Brad Herman is out at Willow Spring this morning running on the Streets Of Willow course, or *Ford Land* as he calls it. Many Focus’ and Mustangs, some Hondas (including a race prepped trailered in car) and a couple of BMW’s. There is supposed to be another MINI out there today, but as of 7:30 it had not yet arrived.

And, Brad being the gadget guy that he is, he’s got the GPS all revved up so that he can track elevation, speed and position. Of course he will then be able to transfer that into a program and produce a full 3-D image of the track! very cool

More as it becomes available

Also, everyone else is ready for Buttonwillow, right? Just check the counter over there for time remaining. There aren’t any available spaces, so if you missed it, you’re out this time around.

Other track events:
NorCal MINI’s are sponsoring a track event at Pahrump during the MINI Vacation in Vegas. Contact Phillip Stewart for more information.

Racer Factory will be back out at Pahrump again in March. More info here

Red Line Track Events has their ’04 schedule posted here

These are all open events. Anyone with a car and a helmet can tag along! Check with the event organizers for pricing.