Track Days, Part II


I’ll start with letting you all know that this was the best RacerFactory event I have attended. Kudo’s to Rich and his crew/instructors! The entire weekend ran very smooth and on time!

Next up, the Track. The Streets of Willow Springs was an awesome track! Lots of changes, lots of turns and just enough straight to get your blood flowing. Rolling into turn 1 at 80+ MPH was a major rush, and ‘The Bowl’ was like riding a rollercoaster! Oh yea, and Roxy loved this track too. She was running awesome all weekend. Even able to keep up with most of the MCS’ in the intermediate group, except on the straights. Brakes worked great and even my tires did very well, allow just the right amount of slide around the corners where I wanted it too.

More, including pictures and links to more pics and video’s, will be coming later.